that must be what is called a paradox. my first blogpost is about unplugging. digital detox. disconnect to reconnect. pretend it’s 1995. detach. offline. there is no wifi in the forrest but you will find a much better connection. never. ending. trendy. words.


my husband, myself and our two children are going to live without wifi, phones, netflix, computeres & tablets for a whole week. starting tomorrow. i would lie if i wouldn’t admit that i am a little bit nervous. there is a big but though. i am going to be online during work hours due to my job. and so is my husband. but we are leaving phones and computers at the offices. so. well. i am going to tell you all about it when the week is over. lets see if it’s going to be hell or all romantic 1962. ludo. kalaha. here. we. come.

Categories: lifestyle

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