our digital detox week

a little blog post about our digital detox week. a little sad that it is over. and yes (sorry) it was fantastic. we are definitely going to do it again. i would recommend this to everyone who hasn’t already tried it. as we are going back to our “normal” life, we are adopting some new. digital. rules. it is not that i am fanatic. it is not that i believe that digital is toxic.  but i know that the disconnection is harmful and to be frank. a. little. sad. as i said i am not fanatic. so the new rules will be quite moderate.

from now on these are the new digital house-rules.

  • no digital items in the morning
  • phones live in the laundry room 4pm (after kindergarten/school/work) till 8pm (kids go to bed)
  • the children are allowed cartoons/playstation between 4pm and 5:30pm and again 7pm till 7:30 pm on weekdays. Some exceptions during days with sports and other activities.
  • in the weekends they are getting little coins. 4 each each day. every coin is worth 1 hour screentime for the oldest and 30min. for the youngest. we even made a home made schedule that i can show you later on.
Our week in pictures

our new phone: ladyIMG_2179

the living room turned in to a playroomIMG_2128

long waited. green kitchen at home. in danish.IMG_2157

time to cook *ikeahackIMG_2136

real food and playfood. who’s counting. *søstrene greneIMG_2161

draw and paint stationIMG_2155IMG_2189

we emptied the craft storeIMG_2196

this is my way of being creative. creating a new arrangement on the wall.IMG_2166

no. they where not smiling the entire time lol! my girl on the right and her cousin left.IMG_2201

sunday outingVersion 2

koks. a michelin restaurant.IMG_2242

just another spot in the faroesIMG_2243

our little car in the middle of nowhereIMG_2253

i also created a new officespace on the top floor. and a little new blogspot. more about that in my next post. xoxo.




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