cabinet love <3

our yellow cabinet is a like-darling on my instagram profile. i like it myself. of course. or else it would be stupid to have it. its IKEA and we painted it ourselves. came in black.


this blog post is going to be all about cabinets. i cant find the one pictured above on the IKEA webpage now. so maybe they dont sell it at the moment. it was originally black. and we painted it. 6587 times.

i would love to have more of these. and i would love to have old vintage ones. or even better some that have been within the family. my grandmother had a lovely one in her bedroom. i think it is still there…hmmm.

well here are some pictures for my own dreaming and just to feed all eyes interested<3

blog fabrikor ikea 999

this one from IKEA is also really nice : fabrikor IKEA 999 dkkr


blog tiinatolonen

the same as our yellow in white

blog cabinet

this is lovely! found on pinterest credit unknown

blog cabinet @singularmarket

from decor8 keep it simple and authentic

blog boo and the boy 1

eclectic style for the kids? from the boo and the boy

blog boo and the boy 3

also. ❤ . the boo and the boy

blog boo and the boy 4

pwetty!! the boo and the boy. i love your page!

blog built in altfdamerne

when i am building a new kitchen. wall to wall built in cabinets. with recycled windows of course. because this is just to cool. picture: alt for damerne

blog blog 1.jpg

and this last one. from boligliv. ❤

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