@rabarbuliv & logo <3

yeah!! the very talented TOTO Olya Tsikhanchuk design has made me a logo. so cool. i hope you like it as much as i do. Olya is such a cool artist. check out her webpage in the link above. i am going to do a little more of this interior stuff + other creative business when i finish working at my current workplace sometime in august. so i need an identity.

the logo can be used in separate pieces or all together. i like that it is playful and yet has a professional touch and some kind of ease to it. at least that’s what i see & sense.


she also made me the cutest business cards.  i am so very pleased. it has been a true pleasure to have Olya doing this for me. so very professional in all ways and a great artist to capture my wishes before i even knew what they were < 3

liv logo visitkort23

and here are some examples of how i can use the logo in different compositions.


below is a small selection  of Olya’s pieces. no wonder i fell for her right? she is also on instagram go check her out! thank you for reading along. < 3

Olya dømi1

if I am ever opening a shop….!

olya dømi 3

Olya dømi2

i love everything about this

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