long time…

long.time.no.see. my creativity has been paused for a while. and when my hunger for aesthetic pleasure, bright and lovely picture squares, laughs, play, lovely taste in foods and wonderful bites of herbs and home made juices. all. that. normally. fills. me. with.life. when all that shuts down. i know something is wrong. and it was. i desperately needed to recharge. for the sake of myself and my family. as if the gods planned it, we  had a trip to Viet Nam in the schedule. booked and planned. and we where able to leave the circumstances here in the Faroes that pulled me down. entering the warm. beautiful. lovely. colorful. wonderful Viet Nam was magic. it was like placing a fallen flower in water. as my husband put it. and seeing it grow back to life. i felt the D-vitamins and light entering my veins and my happy-brain-center.



so. here. follows a little brief description of our trip. i dont consider this a travel blog or myself a Vietnam expert. but if some of you are curious or are planning a trip to Asia you might find some inspiration. at least from the photos of the coriander and coconut palms. if you are in a period where you are feeling fatigue or depressed. remember you are not alone and we all are from time to time! it is perfectly human and normal! …and start those saving for Vietnam I tell you. you can not not be happy there. (of course i fully respect those of you who have lost a loved one or are suffering from cronical deceases or other and recognize that that is not something you can travel your way out of ❤ )

we travelled via Copenhagen Oslo and Doha and ended up in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh city. From Ho Chi Minh our private driver took us to Mui Ne in the area of Phan Thiet south of Saigon. The car ride was 5 hours. pretty long after a 17 hours+ trip. but man was it worth it!

first stop Mui Ne, Mia Resort.


this place was so wonderful. we found it just a few days ahead and we had to pinch our selves when we saw it in real life. the food was so good. the location. the staff. the bungalows. the see view. everything. if you are heading to Mui Ne i can highly reccomand the Mia Resort.



the food was so so good. and. that. made. me. happy. in. my nov and december down period i had eaten close to nothing and lost almost 10 kg which is quite a lot for a lady my size. i needed those vitamins. and we got plenty, because the food was sooo good and filled with vibrant colors and vitamins. every morning they had new fresh juices. carrot. beetroot. ginger. cantaloupe melons. pear juice what ever it was all so good. and minimalistic. i loved that. no overstuffed buffets with a lot of waste. but pure. simple. good. i could write for hours about the food. you might notice. so of course we also went around in the area and had lovely food there as well. banh mi in another league.




passionfruit mojito i miss you!

after about 12 days in this paradise it was time to leave. we planned for Da Nang and Hoi An, but after flying there and arriving  it rained SO heavily that we only stayed one night. we will go back there, but January is to early even if you are looking for sunshine.



we went swimming in the rain. ordered roomservice. had a bobble bath. laughed about it and booked a flight to the beautiful island Phu Quoc. turns out this was the best. decision. ever.


the peppercorn beach resort must is definitely the all time number one place we have ever ever been to. it. was like being in Bounty Land. we will go back here next January because we miss it every day to be frank. such and unspoiled beach. family owned hotel. lovely local surroundings. great fresh food and fruit (of course i mean wow Vietnam!) day to day specials AND the best drinks hour every day between 4 and 5pm. gold!

we made friends there and had such a wonderful time. we really did not want to leave. after almost a month away from daily rutines it was time to leave. i am so thankful that we had this privilege as a family. it healed. until next January Phu Quoc … < 3





our son and his new friend Luca out with the kajaks


thank you for reading along < 3



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